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Violet Hart is the daughter of Jenny and granddaughter of Betty. She tends to have a sarcastic tone in terms of personality, but cares for her family. She is voiced by Jillian Bell.


Violet is 13, according to a July interview with "Pop Culture" by Jillian Bell.[1] This could mean that Betty wrongly still thinks Violet is twelve


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Violet has brown hair that is dyed blue and currently wears a black beanie. Her original hair color is first shown in a wall photograph in Myrtle Beach Memoirs and then in a series of flashbacks in Mega-Lo-Memories. She used to wear her hair longer but it is cut shorter in her present appearance.

For her regular attire, she wears a long blue-gray V-neck shirt, ripped black jean shorts, ripped purple leggings, and brown boots.


Violet is a steryotypical cynical, emo-ish teenager, sullen in mood and low-key in tone of voice. Despite this, she appreciates the company of her family and will be open around them.

She is mature for her age, as she will act wiser than her older family members when the situation calls for it.

Violet is artistic, constantly drawing something with impressive results.


  • Violet Hart is also the name of a character in the live-action series Murdoch Mysteries, though that series has nothing to do with Bless the Harts.
  • Violet keeps her mother's last name, instead of her biological father's (she is not named Violet Reynolds)
  • Prior to in-show reference to her being pre-teen, Violet was described (perhaps based on Bell's interview) as a teen by various news outlets, including:
  • Violet dyed her hair blue 2 years before the start of the series. According to "Myrtle Beach Memoirs", it shows in a photograph in Jenny's house that Violet used to have brown hair.
    • She is also shown with brown hair in a flashback to 10 years prior when she was a toddler in "Mega-Lo-Memories".

In "Mega-Lo-Memories: Part Deux," it is revealed that Wayne was actually the one who named Violet. He was delivering milk to the Mega-Lo-Mart and Jenny was in the dairy isle hiding from Betty. Jenny and Wayne's hands touch as they reach for the same milk carton. Jenny confesses to him that she feels like she let everyone down. Wayne comforts her and decides to give her the flower that he had been previously given to make him feel better. Jenny holds the flower in her hand and says "Aw, a violet..."