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"Violet's Secret" is the premiere episode in Season 2 of Bless the Harts, being the eleventh episode overall.


Jenny and Betty secretly follow Violet, after becoming paranoid that she's making the same bad decisions they did as teenagers. Meanwhile, Wayne gets sued by Bobbie-Nell.

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Jenny and Betty reminesce about their bad decisions when Violet locks her room in concerns of her privacy. Jenny's flashback includes hanging out with an older man as a teenager, who ends up leaving her. So Brenda gets revenge by literally "dumping" him, but unfortunately he doesn't die and threatens to call the police, so they run. Betty says she used to be a good girl at Sunday school, but would constantly ditch Sunday school to hang out with truckers.

Betty sees Violet take her backpack with her, and questions her to Jenny because its summertime. Wayne tells them they need to stop because he knows where it goes everytime, then proceeds to fix the Hart family roof. Jenny and Betty have an idea to use the roof to spy on Violet, and ask Wayne to make a peephole, but end up destroying the roof shingles in the process. Turns out that Bobbie-Nell is filming them as evidence to sue the Harts for giving her pet bird emotional distress from the noise caused by the roof repair. Wayne tells her that the bird just wants to leave the house, but Bobbie-Nell gives him a serve notice for court later that day. When Wayne is watching Matlock to prepare for his trial, Brenda pops in and agrees to assist Wayne.

At the courtroom, Bobbie-Nell gets to the "emotional" line first, so Wayne has an idea to use The Farmer's Almanac as proof that animals need to be free. Brenda throws the book out, stating he doesn't need to use dumb stuff like that to win a case. Brenda ends up telling a story which goes on so long, almost everyone in the courtroom falls asleep. As final evidence, Bobbie-Nell decides to let her bird go free and makes a noise similar to the one Wayne did earlier when he was repiring the roof, causing it to fly around the courtoom wildly and uncontrollably until it flies straight into the fan. Bobbie-Nell then claims it was terminally ill anyway and agrees to drop the lawsuit.

Later, Bobbie-Nell claims that Wayne's hug broke her arm, and files another lawsuit. But Brenda knows her game, so she files a countersuit. And it starts over again.

As Violet prepares to leave the house, Jenny and Betty follow her in their car. Betty drives extremely slow because Violet is walking, so Jenny decides to call her to ask where she's going. Violet lies and tells them she's going to be with David and keeps walking. Betty sees Violet with some older teenagers and thinks they are recruiting her, but Violet continues to walk. At a construction site, Violet changes her walking direction towards a strip mall, but Betty has to stop for the restroom. When they get back in their car, Betty drives so fast the car runs into a ditch at the construction site. Jenny tries to use her "Mama Bear Energy" to break out of the car but it doesn't work. They then see the car has a roof exit and climb out.

Betty decides to hitchhike to get where she needs to go and it works, but when the man makes a pitstop and goes out of the truck, Betty gets worried the pitstop will stall them. They discover the man is taking drugs, so they run, despite him explaining as they run that it is his insulin for his diabetes. They demand some kids give them their bikes. Thinking they're mentally insane, the kids give them their bikes and run. Betty and Jenny uses the bikes and eventually catch up to Violet at the strip mall. They see an older man inside and think he's the "cult leader". Wanting to save their daughter they barge in destroying everything inside the store. Violet asks what they are doing here, as they just ruined a baby's baptism. Violet explains that this was her part time job, assisting parents with pictures of their newly born babies and their baptisms. Embarassed at her mom and gramma, she then tells Jenny and Betty to leave.

Back at home, Violet's door has "Keep out" signs for Jenny and Betty. Jenny asks why Violet would keep a secret from them. Violet explains that because they knew everything about her, that she wanted something for herself for once. Jenny apologizes, but Violet doesn't acknowledge her apology. She goes to watch 90-Day Beyonce on the television. Violet comes out, depressed, and watches with Jenny anyway, without an exchange in words. They hug and watch together, but it's not clear if she forgave Betty and Jenny yet.

In the credits scene at a convienence store, Betty is shown snooping for stuff and makes a mess, demanding that the employee pick it up. The employee then proceeds to complain as she picks up after Betty's mess.

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  • At the official Comic Con @ Home panel, clips from this episode's animatic were released.[1][2]
  • One of the scenes in the animatic where teen Jenny's date's phone rings and says "Crap, that's my wife," is not in the final version.
  • This is the first episode in the series to have the 20th Television logo at the end credits, as 20th Century Fox Television dissolved on August 10. In addition, the copyright name in the credits has been changed to "20th Television" from "Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation", though the trademark uses the latter's name.
  • This is the first episode where Jesus does not appear.
  • Wayne watches the television series Matlock on his phone.
  • Jenny and Violet watch 90-Day Beyonce at the end of the episode, a reference to 90-Day Fiancé.



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