In response to Horacio Vara on Wikipedia.

I'm now neutral on the use of the catalog of copyright entries. While YF has a point in saying they are never explicitly stated, the catalog prohibits that anyways. Also, using FOXFLASH codes are reliable.

The policy we have here is a fair compromise between us and YF.

The US database is considered the best source to get this information. However, due to new guidelines to how Twentieth Century Fox lists production codes when they submit copyrights, the production code can only be used if the 6 digit code is fully spelled out, for example, 2BPJ01. Some may be listed as 201, but that does not automatically mean that it is 2BPJ01. Twentieth Century Fox now lists codes in two ways. The application title could use 201, but the actual title could use four digit numbers, for example, 0015. But that does not mean 201 and 0015 automatically become 2BPJ01 or 2BPJ05. This is original research and will be reverted. However, FOXFLASH production codes are considered reliable sources. This means BHR-205 is allowed to be listed as 2BPJ05. These are usually listed at least two to four weeks before an episode's airdate.

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