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The second season of the American animated sitcom Bless the Harts refers to the second broadcast season. It will debut on Fox on September 27, 2020. This season will celebrate the show's second year and will also feature the show's 20th and 30th episodes. It will consist of 22 episodes, 3 of which are holdovers from the 1BPJ production cycle, and 19 from the 2BPJ production cycle. In addition, there will be two more 2BPJ episodes that will be heldover for a potential third season or burned off in the summer as the last two episodes of the second season if the show is cancelled. During the fall, the show will air at 8:30pm/7:30c.

The character designs have undergone major changes in the second season.[5]

The showrunners for the second season are Andy Bobrow and Emily Spivey.


Bless the Harts follows a family living in the South who are poor in money, but rich in fun, laughter, and friends.


Press Release Image Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Overall # TV rating Viewers in Millions #
BlessTheHarts 201 VioletsSecret BTH 201 080320 PROMOSTILLS 08 "Violet's Secret" September 27, 2020 2BPJ01 1 11 TV-14 (DLV) 2.05[6]
Jenny and Betty try to find out what Violet is hiding from them, while Brenda assists Wayne in winning a lawsuit.
The Last Supper (3) "The Last Supper" October 4, 2020 1BPJ11 2 12 TV-14 (LSV) 0.95[7]
The Last Supper is in danger of closing down when a chain restaurant takes their business, and Jenny is unimpressed by the town's effort to help.
BlessTheHarts 112 MyBestFrenda BTH112A 073120 Still006 "My Best Frenda" October 11, 2020 1BPJ12 3 13 TV-14 (DLV) 1.04[8]
Jenny and Brenda's friendship is put to the test, Betty ponders with cosmetic surgery, and Wayne takes Violet to his new job.
BlessTheHarts 202 DeadMall BTH202 091520 Still001 "Dead Mall" October 18, 2020 (Canada/India)
November 1, 2020 (United States)
2BPJ02 4 14 TV-14 TBA
The Harts get taken hostage when visiting an abandoned mall.
BTH203 PoundPinchers 100620 StillALTS 007 "Pound Pinchers" November 8, 2020 2BPJ03 5 15 TV-14 TBA
Jenny becomes the night manager of the Last Supper while Betty and Brenda practice their comedy routine.
BlessTheHarts 113 TheMcEntireTruth BTH113A 082520 Still006 "The McEntire Truth" November 15, 2020 1BPJ13 6 16 TV-14 TBA
Betty and Crystalynn join forces to take Marjune down when she gets undeserved attention.
Blesstheharts "TBA" November 22, 2020[9] TBA 7 17 TV-14 TBA
Blesstheharts "TBA" November 29, 2020[9] TBA 8 18 TV-14 TBA
Blesstheharts "TBA" December 6, 2020[9] TBA 9 19 TV-14 TBA
Blesstheharts "TBA" December 13, 2020[9] TBA 10 20 TV-14 TBA
Blesstheharts "TBA" December 20, 2020[9] TBA 11 21 TV-14 TBA
Blesstheharts "TBA" January 3, 2021[9] TBA 12 22 TV-14 TBA

Future episodes

For future episodes without scheduled airdates, see Unknown season.




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