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"Miracle on Culpepper Slims Boulevard" is the ninth episode in Season 1 of Bless the Harts.


When Louise invites the Harts and Brenda to her annual Christmas party in lieu of a bonus, the extravagance makes Jenny feel insecure about her own family’s Christmas. Meanwhile, Betty tries to figure out how to give the family the best Christmas presents.

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Maykay on the news reports that there will be severe snowstorms coming this Christmas, reminding citizens of Greenpoint to get bread and milk. At the house, Betty is worried she can’t get good gifts for the family. Jenny tells her to suck it up because they cannot afford extravagant Christmas holidays. At The Last Supper, Louise forces Brenda and Jenny to attend her Christmas party.

While cleaning, Jenny tells Jesus that she’s jealous of Louise’s Christmas because it makes her look bad due to the difference both of them have wealth. Jenny asks Jesus if he’s jealous of anything, to which she guesses Criss Angel. Jesus says he’s jealous of Santa since he comes in on Christmas delivering presents. Jesus angrily tells Jenny that Criss Angel is not his real name.

At the party, the family becomes jealous of Louise’s Christmas and all but Jenny want to stay once they enter. Jenny forces them to leave, but they get snowed in when snow hits the street and the drivers on the street crash.

Maykay continues to report on the icy conditions and Mayor Webb tells her he was in the accident. Jenny becomes upset that they’re snowed in. Brenda and Jenny agree to ruin Louise’s Christmas since they’re stuck. Violet plays with Louise’s tiny town figurines, Wayne talks to Ian David Cole, and Betty goes upstairs to gamble while looking for things to take to give her family.

While snooping upstairs, Jenny sees Louise crying in her closet. Jenny questions her to which Louise remarks that she had a falling out with Daniel. Jenny encourages Louise to stand up to Daniel.

Ian David Cole encourages Wayne to perform in front of the partygoers, but Wayne tells him the story of how he threw up in front of the audience due to his nervousness. But with the help of Ian David Cole, he is able to perform. Louise stands up to Daniel, who has to decide whether to kiss Louise or leave her. He kisses Louise, then drops her on the floor. Louise gives Brenda and Jenny their Christmas bonuses.

At home, it is revealed that Betty won the game of poker and got gifts for her family, including Bud's watch, Louise's swan, and Louise's snow figurine.

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