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Louise is the boss of The Last Supper and the employer of Jenny, Brenda, Benny, and other various employees. She is voiced by Bless the Harts creator Emily Spivey.

Louise is condescending and rude at times to Jenny and Brenda, but generally cares for them. She has strong feelings for her husband Daniel, though he doesn't reciprocate those same feelings for her. In "Mega-Lo-Memories", 10 years from the present, he loved her to death. Her husband unfortunately passes away in the Season 2 episode "Big Pimpin'".

According to showrunner Andy Bobrow, Louise's catchphrase "Doot do do doo" came from writer Christy Stratton.

"Doot do do doo, was total serendipity. We were trying to write one of the first scenes for Louise. One of the writers, Christy Stratton Mann, was ad-libbing dialogue, skipping the part of the sentence she didn't have yet. She goes, "Okay so then Louise comes in, 'doot do do doo, you guys have to clean up this mess..." And it was really funny that Christy said it like that. She was just skipping the part where Louise should have said "y'all listen up," or "I have an announcement," But we couldn't stop laughing at doot do do doooo. It stuck."



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  • Louise is Emily Spivey's middle name.