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Jesus Christ is is voiced by Kumail Nanjiani. He comes out of the mural on the wall of The Last Supper. Many fans speculated that he is a figment of Jenny's imagination, as he has only ever been seen and heard by her. This theory was disproven, however, when Jesus talks to Violet in the episode "Toni with an I." Violet is repainting Jesus into the mural when he pokes his out of the wall to ask Violet to give him bigger muscles. Violet responds with an incredulous "what?!" as he disappears back into the wall. Violet being able to see and hear Jesus raises the question, who else is able to see Jesus? Does he only speak to the Hart women, or can he talk to all of the citizens of Greenpoint? Jesus is also shown to have magical powers. He shows Jenny that he can change his hairstyle with a snap as well as his outfit.

He acts as the moral compass for the show, pushing Jenny to do the right thing. When a water pipe burst and the mural is ruined, Jenny has a bit of a moral dilemma in the episode "Toni with an I." Without Jesus to talk to, Jenny becomes pressured by Brenda to act more impulsively and selfishly. Jesus appears in the back of Jenny's car at the end of the episode to tell her that he was with her the whole time. This then brings up another of Jesus's abilities that he is not confined to The Last Supper.


Season 1[]

Jesus makes an appearance in every episode in Season 1.

Season 2[]