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Jennifer "Jenny" Hart is the main protagonist of Bless the Harts. She is the mother of Violet Hart and the daughter of Betty Hart.

Trying to make ends meet, Jenny struggles to work multiple jobs and has trouble paying the bills. She cares for her daughter Violet and wants her to be successful. She is voiced by Kristen Wiig.


Jenny is a reasonable, modest woman who tries to see the logical answer to a situation. She is a loving mother to Violet, and a caring girlfriend to Wayne. However, she can clash with her mother when she does something absurd.

Unfortunately, she does have moments of self-doubt and suffers from stress sometimes. Whenever Jenny is in a dilemma, she turns to Jesus Christ for advice. Nevertheless, she always tries to find a way out of predicaments, albeit not always successful.

Jenny can also be selfish, such as playing both sides of the protests against the town's statue of Morris Culpepper to get extra tips or abandoning Brenda for a more popular group. Despite that, she still a good-natured person who knows when to do the right thing.

Jenny has some issues with marriage. This mainly stems from when she almost married Violet's biological dad, Don Reynolds. We learn through season 1 that Don is a selfish, mean, and controlling person. Jenny felt pressured to get married by the citizens of Greenpoint after she became pregnant with Violet. She has a panic attack and leaves Don at the alter. This event was very traumatic for her and is terrified of being married. Jesus gives her some good advice by simply telling her she needs to realize Wayne is not Don. It is ultimately Violet that saves the day with her handwritten vows. In them, she captures the beauty and simplicity in the relationship Wayne and Jenny currently have. Violet ends the ceremony by saying, "Don't pronounce them anything, they're perfect the way they are."

Jenny also has some issues with being stubborn. In "Pound Pinchers" we are shown multiple instances of Jenny putting her life in danger just to prove a point. She is a strong feminist who doesn't want to be underestimated or protected. Wayne helps her realize that she doesn't need to do everything herself, and that there isn't anything wrong with letting people who love you look after you.

Physical Appearance[]

Jenny has brown hair and green eyes. She wears a blue tank top with jeans and sandals.