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Bless the Harts is an American animated sitcom created by Emily Spivey for the Fox Broadcasting Company. This is an episode list of the entire series.

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Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale DVD release date (R1) DVD cover
1 10 September 29, 2020 January 12, 2020 TBA TBA
2 24 September 27, 2020 June 20, 2021 TBA TBA

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Season 1

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Press Release Image Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # TV rating Viewers in Millions #
Bless-the-harts-s01e01-720p-web-x264-tbs-large.jpg "Hug N' Bugs" (SERIES PREMIERE) September 29, 2019 1BPJ03 1 TV-14 (L) 1.82[1]
Jenny sells Betty's toy collection to pay off their water bill, not knowing that Betty is buying them back.
Screenshot 2019-10-06-21-05-34-1.png "Can't Get There from Here" (Pilot) October 6, 2019 1BPJ01 2 TV-14 (DLSV) 2.99[2]
Unable to send Violet to her dream art school, Jenny takes a second job stripping at Buds.
Screenshot 2019-10-13-21-13-18.png "Jenny Unfiltered" October 13, 2019 1BPJ02 3 TV-14 (DLSV) 1.47[3]
When the town is divided on a local statue, Jenny learns to play both sides in order to land extra tips.
Screenshot 2019-10-20-20-47-01.png "Cremains of the Day" October 20, 2019 1BPJ04 4 TV-14 (DLSV) 2.79[4]
To honor her deceased father, Jenny attempts to throw his ashes down a bridge as requested before his death, but finds herself unable to do so when she spirtually connects with him.
Screenshot 2019-11-03-20-51-39.png "Trash Twins" November 3, 2019 1BPJ05 5 TV-14 (DLV) 1.33[5]
Jenny and Betty conspire revenge on Betty's nemesis when she catcalls them at the Mega-Lo-Mart.
Screenshot 2019-11-10-21-21-36-1.png "Pig Trouble in Little Greenpoint" November 10, 2019 1BPJ06 6 TV-14 (LS) 2.31[6]
Jenny enters Wayne into a barbeque contest without his permission, but things go wrong when Wayne messes up.
Screenshot 20191117-210950.png "Myrtle Beach Memoirs" November 17, 2019 1BPJ08 7 TV-14 (LV) 1.64[7]
Unable to afford their vacation in Myrtle Beach, the family finds ways to earn some quick cash.
Screenshot 20191124-204406.png "Mega-Lo-Memories" November 24, 2019 1BPJ07 8 TV-14 (DLSV) 2.68[8]
At the Thanksgiving table, when the microwave breaks down, Jenny tells the story of how she got the microwave from the Mega-Lo-Mart, where she meets Wayne for the first time and loses Violet.
BlessTheHarts 109 MiracleOnCulpepper 102119 MarketingStills 02.jpg "Miracle on Culpepper Slims Boulevard" December 15, 2019 1BPJ09 9 TV-14 (LSV) 2.72[9]
When Jenny is invited over to Louise's Christmas party, it's up to her to save the day when Louise starts crying.
BlessTheHarts 110 TyingTheNot 112519 MarketingStills 06.jpg "Tying the Not" (SEASON FINALE) January 12, 2020 1BPJ10 10 TV-14 (LV) 2.67[10]
Wayne and Jenny get into an argument.

Season 2

Main article: Season 2
Press Release Image Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Overall # TV rating Viewers in Millions #
BlessTheHarts 201 VioletsSecret BTH 201 080320 PROMOSTILLS 08.jpg "Violet's Secret" (SEASON PREMIERE) September 27, 2020 2BPJ01 1 11 TV-14 (DLV) 2.05[11]
Jenny and Betty try to find out what Violet is hiding from them, while Brenda assists Wayne in winning a lawsuit.
The Last Supper (3).jpg "The Last Supper" October 4, 2020 1BPJ11 2 12 TV-14 (LSV) 0.95[12]
The Last Supper is in danger of closing down when a chain restaurant takes their business, and Jenny is unimpressed by the town's effort to help.
BlessTheHarts 112 MyBestFrenda BTH112A 073120 Still006.jpg "My Best Frenda" October 11, 2020 1BPJ12 3 13 TV-14 (DLV) 1.04[13]
Jenny and Brenda's friendship is put to the test, Betty ponders with cosmetic surgery, and Wayne takes Violet to his new job.
BlessTheHarts 202 DeadMall BTH202 091520 Still001.jpg "Dead Mall" November 1, 2020[note 1] 2BPJ02 4 14 TV-14 (DLS) 2.23[14]
The Harts get taken hostage when visiting an abandoned mall.
BTH203 PoundPinchers 100620 StillALTS 007.jpg "Pound Pinchers" November 8, 2020 2BPJ03 5 15 TV-14 (DLSV) 1.20[15]
Jenny becomes the night manager of the Last Supper while Betty and Brenda practice their comedy routine.
BlessTheHarts 113 TheMcEntireTruth BTH113A 082520 Still006.jpg "The McEntire Truth" November 15, 2020 1BPJ13 6 16 TV-14 (DLV) 1.79[16]
Betty and Crystalynn join forces to take Marjune down when she gets undeserved attention.
BTH 205 MegaLoMemories-PartDeux Stills 01.jpg "Mega-Lo-Memories: Part Deux" November 22, 2020 2BPJ05 7 17 TV-14 (DLV) 1.99[17]
Betty, Jenny and Brenda reminisce over a past Black Friday memory while waiting in a Black Friday line.
BTH 204 Pumped 1100720 Still003.jpg "Pumped" December 6, 2020 2BPJ04 8 18 TV-14 (LV) 1.07[18]
Jenny and Betty get carried away with a string of questionable purchases after winning the lottery.
BlessTheHarts 207 InvasionOfThePottySnatcher 11.jpg "Invasion of the Potty Snatcher" December 13, 2020 2BPJ07 9 19 TV-14 (DLV) 1.97[19]
Jenny goes to great lengths to show Louise that she deserves a raise without ever asking for one.
BlessTheHarts 206 CrappyDeathDay 111320 Still002.jpg "Crappy Death Day" February 21, 2021 2BPJ06 10 20 TV-14 (DLSV) 0.74[20]
Jenny tries to get a refund from a psychic.
BlessTheHarts 208 BigPimpin 120120 Still005.jpg "Big Pimpin'" February 28, 2021 2BPJ08 11 21 TV-14 (DLV) 1.04[21]
Jenny lets Louise use Wayne as a faux boyfriend after her husband tragically dies on a cruise ship.
BTH209 TheDogchurianCandidate Still1.jpg "The Dogchurian Candidate" March 7, 2021 2BPJ09 12 22 TV-14 (DLV) 0.87[22]
Jenny takes over as Mayor Webb's campaign manager for re-election against Betty and an accomplished dog. Meanwhile, Wayne tries to dig up dirt on the canine opponent.
BTH210 TrollinWithTheHommies 010421 Still007.jpg "Trollin' With The Homies" March 14, 2021 2BPJ10 13 23 TV-14 (DLS) 0.99[23]
Jenny and Wayne persuade Betty to get a job. Meanwhile, Violet and David's attempt to recruit a new friend backfires.
BTH 211 NoseBud 1 01 Still.jpg "Nose Bud" March 21, 2021 2BPJ11 14 24 TV-14 (DLSV) 0.86[24]
Jenny spends the weekend away at a wild bachelorette party with Brenda and leaves Wayne in charge of Violet.
BTH 212 DanceDanceResolution 022221 Still011.jpg "Dance Dance Resolution" March 28, 2021 2BPJ12 15 25 TV-14 (DLV) 0.56[25]
Jenny takes a mother/daughter bonding moment a little too far after Violet shows interest in learning to dance.
BlessTheHarts 213 Easters 213 Still3.jpg "Easter's 11" April 4, 2021 2BPJ13 16 26 TV-14 (DLV) 0.45[26]
When attendance at their local church begins to drop, the Harts plot to bring down the neighboring megachurch.
BTH 214 HotTub-Tation 030821 Still002.jpg "Hot Tub-tation" April 11, 2021 2BPJ14 17 27 TV-14 (DLS) 0.74[27]
After getting banned from her favorite department store, Betty disguises herself in order to attend a sale.
BTH 215 HootNHaw Still2.jpg "Hoot 'N Haw" April 18, 2021 2BPJ15 18 28 TV-14 (DLV) 0.94[28]
When Wayne finds out he owns extra land, his family unexpectedly moves in on his property.
BTH 216 DrincanTemple 032921 Still006.jpg "The Drincan Temple" May 2, 2021 2BPJ16 19 29 TV-14 (DLSV) 0.59[29]
When Wayne's non-committal best friend, Travis, comes to town, the two take on their dream of opening a bar together.
BTH 217 WhenYouLoseYouWin 3.jpg "When You Lose, You Win" May 9, 2021 2BPJ17 20 30 TV-14 (DLV) 0.67[30]
Jenny gets incredibly competitive about board games.
BlessTheHarts 218 HaulForceOne BTH218 041521 Still004.jpg "Haul Force One" May 16, 2021 2BPJ18 21 31 TV-14 (DL) 0.53[31]
A massive heat wave hits Greenpoint.
BTH 219 ToniWithAnI Still 1.jpg "Toni with an i" May 23, 2021 2BPJ19 22 32 TV-14 0.53[32]
When Jenny ignores Jesus' advice on a moral conundrum, her new take on the truth causes huge problems in Louise's life.
BTH 220 TinyPies 050321 Still010.jpg "Tiny Pies" June 6, 2021 2BPJ20 23 33 TV-14 0.55[33]
When the house across the street sells to a couple from New York, Jenny, Betty and Violet get caught in a lie trying to impress them.
BTH 221 BettysBirthday 12.jpg "Betty's Birthday" (SERIES FINALE) June 20, 2021 2BPJ21 24 34 TV-14 0.37[34]
With Betty’s birthday coming up, the whole Hart family tries to figure out how old she is.


  1. Due to a late schedule change by FOX, this episode aired by accident on CityTV in Canada on October 18, 2020 and was accidentally released on Disney+ Hotstar on October 19, 2020.


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