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Don Reynolds is the biological father of Violet Hart. He is mentioned in episode 1 and the character Demos is based on him.

Quotes about[]

Hug N' Bugs/Transcript

  • Leonard: That's a good idea, Wayne. Wrong dot com, backslash nope. Wayne, you're sweet, y'all, but you can't compete with Violet's biological daddy. Violet's real dad, Don Reynolds, is a local legend. Also, he owns the Triad's only custom pool installation business. Oh, and don't forget about his thick, silvery hair that screams, "I own a boat," which he does.
  • Wayne: (thinking) Did you see that hug? That was a dad hug, both in length and emotion. You just graduated from gassy stump to warrior dad. She wants to stay in that fortress forever. Suck on that, Don Reynolds!
  • Wayne: This structure is for my girlfriend's daughter Violet. She loves that studio, and I love her and will do anything in my power to make her happy. Now, her father, Don Reynolds, - may be rich and handsome...
  • City Councilman: (interrupts) Great guy! I mean, he's got that successful pool business.
  • Another city Councilman: Oh, he installed my pool. Did a great job.
  • Webb: Denied. (bangs his gavel) Sorry about that, Wayne, but say hey to Don for us, won't you? Who's ready for Thai? Thai? Thai? (Denise groans)

Can't Get There from Here/Transcript

  • Jenny: Violet's biological diddy was not the greatest, yes Don is rich, but he is a total tool. He's angry and (sighs) always weirdly sunburned, even in the winter. And he used to tell me I was done eating by poking me in the stomach.
  • Betty: He could've given you and Violet a great life. The life that you deserve, the life that (starts crying) that your daddy gave us. All the bills would be paid. We'd be flush in Kohl's Cash. I could finally get my Jeep with the eagle on it. I could show these spider veins who's boss. Violet could go to her art school.
  • Jenny: I can do this. I don't need Don or-or Daddy or anyone. I can do it on my own.