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Bless the Harts is a FOX animated series that follows the Harts – Jenny, her boyfriend Wayne, Betty, and Violet – a broke family living in the South, forever struggling to make ends meet. One day they hope to achieve the American dream, but for now they're already rich – in friends, family, and laughter.

There was a Season 2 episode table read on September 17, 2020.

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BTH 205 MegaLoMemories-PartDeux Stills 01
Season 2, Episode 7
"Mega-Lo-Memories: Part Deux"
November 22, 2020

Jenny, Brenda, and Betty reminisce while waiting in line at the Mega-Lo-Mart.
BTH 204 Pumped 1100720 Still003
Season 2, Episode 8
December 6, 2020

The Harts win the lottery.

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