Bless the Harts Wiki

There are simple, yet a good amount of rules that apply to the Bless the Harts Wiki. These rules are in place because we want everyone to have a nice editing experience. Users who break the rules will be warned, followed by punishment by blocking/banning. Indefinite bans may be given out to repeat offenders.

Affiliated Wikis

Some administrators of the Bless the Harts Wiki are also administrators of said affiliated wikis and may ban you on this wiki as well for your behavior caused on the other wikis. Affiliated wikis include the Bob's Burgers Wiki, the Duncanville Wiki, the Great North Wiki, the Solar Opposites Wiki, and the Central Park Wiki.

Blocking Policy

Users can be blocked or banned for breaking the rules. The length of the ban/block depends on the severity of the offense. Appeals can be posted on your talk page or the blocking admin's Community Central page. Blocks under 7 days cannot be appealed.

Alternate Accounts

If you have have been blocked/banned from editing, do not make multiple new accounts to evade your punishment. This is called sockpuppetting. Having multiple accounts to contribute is okay, but using them to evade your punishment is not. If found guilty of sockpuppeting, your sockpuppet accounts will be permanently banned, and you will face additional punishment, even up to an indefinite ban on your main account if you keep doing it. Instead, list why we should give you back your editing privileges on your talk page.

Also, using multiple accounts to support yourself in a discussion vote is also sockpuppetting. Your alternate accounts will be permanently banned if caught and you will be warned on your main account to cease this behavior. Continuing to do so will result in further punishment.


There is no vandalism allowed on the wiki. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • inserting false or unsourced information on pages
  • uploading copyrighted content
  • bullying other users
  • making racist or sexist comments on talk pages and forums
  • removing constructive content without warning
  • editing other people's user pages without their approval
  • posting not-suitable-for-internet content
  • uploading non-suitable for internet files or images
  • spamming the same thing over and over again or unauthorized advertising (advertising is to only be done at your userpage)

You will be warned once and then blocked accordingly at an administrator's discretion. Uploading of NSFW content will result in an block without warning, between a week and indefinite.


Only certain swear words may be used during discussion unless quoted from official material. No uses of shit, fuck, or any slurs prohibited for use on network TV are allowed.

Administrator Messages

Ignoring administrator messages is grounds for blocking. Please change your behavior accordingly. DO NOT REMOVE ADMINISTRATOR WARNINGS FROM TALK PAGES! This will earn you a 7 day ban with removal of talk page access without warning.

Privacy Policy

Users assume all risk when giving personal information out. If a user refuses to share, do not bug other people for their personal information. This will result in an immediate block without warning.


Images must be of good quality and must not be altered. Altering images for use in mainspace is a copyright violation. Continuing to upload altered images is considered vandalism. Fan images are not allowed due to legal issues with the copyright holder and the artist.


Videos uploaded onto the wiki can be short clips (up to a few minutes max). Full episodes cannot be uploaded or linked. Disney has legal rights to patrol this site and may ask that those full episode uploads or links be removed. In addition, do not upload movies or full episodes of content on your userpage, as said copyright holders have legal rights to check this wiki and will demand those links or videos be removed. If you want to share full episodes, please do so in private. Users who continue to upload full episodes of any media that is officially copyrighted in the United States after being warned not to will be blocked for vandalism.

Fan content

Fanfiction work is not allowed here and will be reverted. You may not upload fanfiction work on your userpage without permission from the creator due to legal reasons, unless you created the fanfiction work. We may need to see proof that you got permission as well.

Talk pages

Talk pages are not comments. They are only to be used to discuss how to improve the article. Please do not express your opinions about the article. Please take your opinions to the forums. Please be civil and don't harass other users. Please remember to sign off with ~~~~.

User talk pages

User talk pages function as message walls. Please be civil and don't harass other users. Please remember to sign off with ~~~~. DO NOT REMOVE ADMINISTRATOR WARNINGS FROM TALK PAGES! This will earn you a 7 day ban with removal of talk page access without warning.


No new categories should be created without approval. In addition, unnecessary categories such as "cute characters", "characters whose name starts with H" will not be allowed.


Any questionable information must have a reliable or official source. iMDB and Wikipedia are not reliable or official sources, but rather External Links, which can be placed on the "External Links" header in articles. Any unsourced information may be reverted without notice. Official sources include The Futon Critic, FOXFLASH, or Reliable sources include television media websites or the Writers Guild of America. Users who continue to add unsourced information or information not according to reputable or official sources may be subject to a block for vandalism.

Episode Names

For making new pages with upcoming episode names, refer to the US Copyright Records Database. References/citations are mandatory if the episode has not aired yet. This is subject to change at anytime, as the name copyrighted may not be the official name of the episode on debut.

Production codes

The US database is considered the best source to get this information. However, due to new guidelines to how Twentieth Century Fox lists production codes when they submit copyrights, the production code can only be used if the 6 digit code is fully spelled out, for example, 2BPJ01. Some may be listed as 201, but that does not automatically mean that it is 2BPJ01. Twentieth Century Fox now lists codes in two ways. The application title could use 201, but the actual title could use four digit numbers, for example, 0015. But that does not mean 201 and 0015 automatically become 2BPJ01 or 2BPJ05. This is original research and will be reverted. However, FOXFLASH production codes are considered reliable sources. This means BHR-205 is allowed to be listed as 2BPJ05. These are usually listed at least two to four weeks before an episode's airdate. References/citations are mandatory if the episode has not aired yet.

Edit warring

Edit warring is defined as making three or more reverts on one page within a 24 hour period. Unless it is to remove vandalism, a temporary lock will be placed on the article and both parties may be subject to a 24 hour block. Please discuss any concerns on that article's talk page. Remember to be civil and respectful.

New episode on airdates

As new episodes air, we need all users to be adding new information for new episodes on their airdate. As such, users are prohibited from editing anywhere else on the wiki as soon as the episode starts airing. Failure to follow this rule will result in a temporary block until 3am EST.

User pages

Your user page is a place to put information about yourself. Tell us about yourself! We'd love to hear more about you!

You may not edit someone else's userpage without approval unless it is to fix coding or remove vandalism or inappropriate content. You may not only contribute to your userpage. We are an encyclopedia first, so only editing the userpage will result in loss of access to it. You may not upload full episodes to TV shows or full movies to your userpage as this is copyright violation. You may not upload fan work unless you created it or you get approval from the creator (proof may be required).