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"Big Pimpin'" is the eleventh episode in Season 2 of Bless the Harts, being the twenty-first episode overall.


Jenny lets Louise use Wayne as a faux boyfriend after her husband tragically dies on a cruise ship. Meanwhile, Betty makes murder accusations while guest-starring on Violet’s podcast.

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  • The former title is a reference to the 1986 album Back in the High Life. The album is not considered an example of Christian rock, but some of the songs' titles and lyrics hint at potentially religious meanings.
  • This episode was originally titled "Back in the High Life" according to the US copyright database.
  • This episode marks the first death of a recurring character in the series, Daniel. While Jenny's father Ed has been deceased, he died prior to the start of the series.
  • Starting with this episode, every episode in the 2PBJxx production cycle aired in production order.


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